Within the app, find your alarm within the Device List and press the "Test" button.

Note: Testing through the app can only be done on Kidde smart alarms with the HomeSafe™ feature. For hardwired interconnected alarms, tests can only be initiated by pressing the button on the alarm itself.

Once the test is commenced, it cannot be stopped using the Hush button in the app or on the alarm.

DISCLAIMER: In order to control the alarms from the app, your phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network as was used during the setup of the alarm. While the test is in-progress, smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm notifications will be received on the Kidde app from other smoke and CO alarms on the network. Smoke and CO alarm notifications received from other smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be cleared automatically once the test is completed on the initiated alarm. You may need to acknowledge the alarms on your Kidde app and press "All clear."