The RemoteLync camera has a tri-color indicator LED (light emitting diode). It operates as follows:

Reset: USB Insertion:

  • If audio messages are enabled, then when the USB is plugged in a yellow led will blink on, otherwise there will be no led blink on a reset.

Capturing and Uploading Video:

  • if light selection is set to 'auto' or 'on', the led will be green whenever the camera is capturing video.
  • if the light selection is 'off' the led will be off during video capture.

Button Operations:

Device ID: One Press and Release:
  • Yellow led blink, then
  • an audio 'voicing' of the camera's ID number

Setup Mode: Two Button Presses:

  • Yellow Led blinks twice, then
  • Setup Mode:  yellow light stays on, and an audio prompt for setup mode is given
  • Pressing the button once during setup mode will exit setup mode and the camera will revert to normal operation.
Nap Mode:  Press and Hold Button Down:
  • Yellow led for 3 seconds.
  • Then flashing Yellow Red Yellow Red ....
  • If button released before 16 seconds, led goes off, no action, camera reverts to normal operation
  • If button is held down for 16 seconds led stops flashing and goes a solid red
  • When button is released after 16 seconds:
  • If USB is installed then camera will revert to normal operation.
  • If no USB is installed then camera will give an audio message that it is napping and the camera will deep sleep.   Plug in the USB cable to wake the device.

Factory Reset

  • With USB plugged in
  • Press  button 3 times - get 3 led blinks.
  • Wait 2 seconds
  • Press button 3 times - get 3 led blinks.
  • Get an audio message indicating a factory reset will occur if the button is pressed.
  • If the button is not pressed then the camera will reset and revert to normal operation
  • If the button is pressed then the camera will factory reset itself, the led will be permanently green until the factory code is installed. You should get the "Howdy" audio message and will need to re-attached the device to your Wi-Fi.
Firmware Upgrade
  • Upgrading the device's firmware is a silent action.
  • There is no led indication during a firmware upgrade.