If the camera says "Unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network" 
  • You may have entered the wrong password for your Wi-Fi network. Start over to double check that you typed the password correctly.
  • Your network may be running with WEP security modewhich is not supported out of the box. Refer to your Wi-Fi access point/router/modem documentation on how to switch to WPA or WPA2 mode.

If the camera says  "Connected to your Wi-Fi network", but then it says  "Unable to connect to the RemoteLync cloud"
  • There is no Internet access from the Wi-Fi network you are connecting your camera to.
  • Your Wi-Fi access point or router's firewall may be blocking the camera from talking to the Internet. If you are technically inclined, make sure in your firewall settings that outgoing TCP port 8080, and UDP port 123 are allowed.

If the camera says   "Connected to your Wi-Fi network"  , and then   "Connected to the RemoteLync cloud"  but you still see the spinning circle and the setup won't proceed.
  • Your phone is on a different Wi-Fi network from your camera. You need to connect it to the same Wi-Fi network you are connecting your camera to.