The camera comes with a magnetic base. A 3M Command Adhesive strip has been attached at the factory.  The base is best placed on a smooth surface - drywall and smooth wood architraves work well.

To install the base:
  • Remove the protective cover with black text labelled "Wall side".
  • Select a position for the base to go and press the base firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.
  • Wait one hour before placing the camera on the base and positioning it appropriately.

For more information on 3M Command Adhesive strips, please see:

There are spare  strips provided in the box with the camera, in case you decide to move the base.  Additional strips are available from many hardware and DIY stores.


To remove the base:
  • Grab the base in one hand and the tab of the 3M strip in the other.
  • Pull the tab away from the base and parallel to the wall, along the wall.
  • The tape will stretch, keep going until the base releases from the wall.
Important Note: Do not pull the tab away from the wall, damage to the wall or paint may occur if the tape is pulled directly out from the wall.