“Not Connected:”
This message is heard in two scenarios:
  1. If an incorrect password is entered during the registration process.
  2. If the Device couldn’t connect to the Router after the registration.
“Connection lost, Press button to temporarily silence:”
This message is heard if the Router has no active internet connection. Check with your service for any breakdown.

“Replace Alarm” / “Replace alarm press button to temporarily silence:”
This message is usually heard if the alarm has reached End of life. Replace with a new Alarm. The “Replace Alarm” message is also heard if the unit experiences a low battery condition. After 7 days in the End of Unit Life condition, you no longer have the option to temporarily silence End of Unit life notifications, and the voice message changes to “Replace Alarm” only.

“Error, see troubleshooting guide:”
Any fault condition will result in this voice. Possible solutions:
  • Clean the alarm (recommended at least once per year). See “Cleaning Your Alarm” section in the User Guide.
  • Push button once to attempt to reset the unit.
  • Red LED will blink out an error code (number of blinks) when button is pushed. Report the number of blinks to customer service if needed.
  • If error persists, or if customer service directs, remove, discharge, dispose unit, and replace as soon as possible.