1. Activate the backup battery, apply AC power, install alarm.
  • Locate the red wheel on the back of the device. Turn the red wheel to the “ON” position
    on the device using a standard screwdriver.
  • Once the battery is activated, the device will emit a power on sound and blink green
    once every two minutes.
  • Connect the AC Quick Connector Harness. When AC power is connected, the alarm will
    announce “Ready to connect, follow quick start instructions”.
  • When AC power is connected, the light rings will glow fading red.
  • Install the alarm fully on the mounting bracket by rotating the alarm in a clockwise direction.
  • NOTE: The alarm will mount to the bracket in 4 positions (every 90 degrees).
  • Installing the alarm on the mounting bracket will automatically activate the battery backup if it hasn’t already been activated.
2. Open the Kidde App and follow instructions on the App to finish Wi-Fi enrollment.
  • NOTE: If no further steps are taken within 15 minutes of initial power up, a voice prompt, “Not Connected” will be heard once, and the Wi-Fi function will turn off. The unit will then perform as a standard hardwired alarm. See Section 11.3 in the user guide for reactivating Wi-Fi features.
3. After the Wi-Fi enrollment is completed, the alarm will announce “Success, now connected.”
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with each alarm to be enrolled with Wi-Fi.